My Last Week of Work or, Home is Where the Coffee Pot Sits

As I sit here enjoying a cup of coffee, I….wait.  The coffee cup is empty.  Again.  Why is the coffee always gone?  Just a moment…!

Good morning!!!

A new office every day.
A new office every day.

Today is the start of me saying goodbye to the majority of my clients, as I had put in my notice to my good friend Yael, who just happens to be my boss.  Or my boss Yael, who just happens to have become such a wonderfully good friend.  Either way is correct.  I had come to work as a subcontractor at her business, Workplace Massage, what.  Five years ago, now?  Five and a half?  Something like that.  Anyway, I’ve met so many great people, we’ve told one another our stories, I’ve tried to do my best to sooth their bodily aches as well as lend a listening ear without judgement.  I love them.

Giving Yael massage somewhere north of the Arctic Circle (Prudhoe Bay, Alaska)
Giving a massage somewhere north of the Arctic Circle (Prudhoe Bay, Alaska)

I’ve always striven to create a space of unconditional love wherever I’ve worked, especially (or despite!) doing my work at my clients’ place of business.  An oasis of calm relaxation in the middle of a hectic day.  And now I’m leaving.  I know I’m leaving my clients in the capable hands of my replacement, but this is still going to be a painful parting, no matter how excited I am to go on this trip.  Bittersweet.

Massage is good for every-bear-dy!
Massage is good for every-bear-dy!

The more aged I become, the more nuanced the understanding and complex the feelings that can be described as Bittersweet.

Take coffee, for an example.  It’s a black and bitter brew, but with a little milk and honey to cut the bitterness and lend some sweetness, it’s such deliciousness.  Add some chocolate, amaretto or Bailey’s and it becomes a sensation.

Speaking of coffee, we’ve been sleeping in the trailer, getting up with the unwelcome assistance of the alarm clock, getting dressed from the drawers and closet.  The computer is on the table and there are pictures on the walls.  But I haven’t really felt like we had been moved in until last night, when I brought the coffee maker in from the house and Robert set it up on our little kitchen counter.  That’s when it became real, having coffee brewing this morning and coming in from letting Moonlight out for potty, opening the door to the welcoming aroma of a cozy home on wheels.