The People had always had Manna.

No matter how far they traveled or where, it was there to depend on. God sent it, did He not? Surely, there were times of great Light and Darkness, times of drought and many floods. But never a shortage of good and plentiful Manna.

Now, some of the young ones had become weary of God’s Manna, and spoke among themselves of taking Manna directly from God itself. Surely that Manna would be like Heaven! Not like the old, dry Manna they had been accepting for long ages.

So the rash Youths starting working the earth, building cities and grand monuments, tunnels and systems, seeking the Source of Manna. After many long Turns, they succeeded in their toil. The freshest and most succulent of all Godly Manna, harvested and transported to the kings and queens and all People of the great cities and metropolises which had arisen during the Search for Heaven.

Great feasting and revelry in the cities of the descendants of the Youths could be sensed by the People who had kept to the old ways. They had truly become a People divided, and those who consumed the Heavenly Manna seemed to be imbued by strange, driving compulsion to continue their Searching. Quakes were felt in those times, though no one could say for certain why. But as long as they had Manna, who cared?

Over time, their cities and workings were seared by a bright Light, which lasted so long, it seemed as though it would never dim. And yet it did, the People were plunged into Darkness so complete that every life in the surrounding area was slowly choked, their bodies caught in a sticky, greasy Hell.

“Thanks a lot for that salve for my rash, Diane. I washed my pillows and sheets and everything in hot water and bleached the hell out of them! I feel better already!”

Oh, how the Mitey have fallen.

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