We’re about to leave Texas today, after having spent the last month here, mostly camped out in my in-law’s driveway.  We would come inside every morning to enjoy coffee and breakfast while still having a getaway for privacy or just to be out of their hair.  There were friends to visit and family to catch up with, places to reminisce over and I have to admit I’ve been able to sooth my yen for good BBQ.  We’ve enjoyed some very beautiful and sunny weather along with famously torrential rains and thunderstorms.  Now, it’s actually getting COLD at night!  So naturally, it’s time to head back up north, right?  Our adventure is coming to a close, due to some obligations I have to take care of in Alaska.  Plus, we’re running out of money.  For now.

Mack the horse getting his hooves trimmed by Tommy the farrier.


Grapefruit tree at the In-Law’s

The travel trailer has kept us mostly dry, mostly warm and was an excellent place to lay our heads at night or have a quick potty break and a snack.  Our very own hidey-hole that could be pulled along behind the truck and available to us at any time we desired to stop.  This entire trip, and this trailer in particular, has been an experiment to see if we could do it or even if we even LIKE having an RV.  We do.  We want to do this again.  Unfortunately, it won’t be with this particular trailer.

Beautiful Texas pine trees remind me of Art Deco paintings.

After having such a misadventure with the icy mountain in Canada, we won’t be towing the Electric Igloo back to Alaska with us, not in January!  So, we’re opting to sell her and just rent a little U-Haul trailer for our stuff and go back that way.  10,000 pounds of toyhauler is too much weight that could pull us all down an icy hill with it if things go sideways.  Plus, the wear on Babe the Expedition has been a non issue so far but why push it when there’s the very real chance we could find ourselves in -40 (and more) cold temps?  Better to let the home on wheels go, and live to RV another day, another way.  At least Robert and I are still friends and loves after living in such close quarters for the last three months or so.  We can do it.

Today, we’ll continue on through El Paso, Texas and then across New Mexico.  Tomorrow we should be in Phoenix, Arizona and up to see our friend Sue in Prescott, where we have an add up on Craigslist for the trailer.  After visiting a few days and repacking our belongings, we’ll meander our way up into Colorado to see the kids and grandkids before traversing Canada, to home.  Somewhere between here and the border we’ll need to find a vet so Moonlight can get her health certificate paperwork updated for a smooth crossing in and out of Canada.

But we’re not done yet.  More adventure awaits, we can all bet on that!

Sunrise at Seabrook Sailing Club house

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