Yesterday, Robert and I drove around Grand Junction, Colorado looking around at some of the many late autumn yard sales in town.  We’re really here to visit my older two kids, Katie and Josh and the grandbabies Bella and Bo, Katie’s children.  But while we’re here, we may as well see if we can find some goodies to pick up and sell on ebay.  Robert’s favorite!

One of the things I’d found is an old tea tin from England commemorating the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II filled with old buttons.  Inside, there were a couple of tags from a farm in Farnborough, Hampshire, UK.  I’m still researching the tags and wrote an email to the farm, whose name they are stamped with, to see if they know what the tags were used for.  It is now a B&B and perhaps someday we’ll take a trip and stay there a night.

“Farnborough House, Netley, Hound Rd.”

edit*  I have since found out that these tags were used as dogtags by British soldiers during WWI & II and are made of vulcanized asbestos fibers.  These two aren’t sporting the information normally required to be used by the military, however.  Perhaps they really are someone’s dog’s tags.  A dog named Winnie?image

Anyway, we’re at it again today, having a bit of fun driving around and seeing what treasures we can dig up locally.  Plus lunch with the babes and who knows what after that!

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