“Today is the first day I’ve gone braless in public without the security of a sweater or my wool shirt, mainly because it’s just too hot here in Colorado to wear them.  I did feel self conscious because I’m not very small chested but I was assured by my daughter and husband that I would be okay and that I didn’t look terrible. And I was okay.  At $20-50 a pop, I think I’ll quit spending money trying different styles and just let it go.”

I wrote the above on November 8th while in Grand Junction, Colorado.  I had been feeling some painful “hot spots” in my right breast and thought I should probably just go without wearing one any more.  I spent most of the trip from Anchorage to Michigan with no bra and was very comfortable, especially with my cozy sweater over all for a layer of camouflage.  Since wearing a bra again, my ladies were NOT happy.  I would guess that if a man were made to wear a jock strap for hours on end, day after day, his balls would probably feel about the same.  Or not.  I don’t have balls so I don’t know.

So, it’s been a few more weeks and everything is settling down and I feel pretty comfortable.  The pain is gone and as far as I can tell, nobody really gives a damn what my boobs are doing under my shirt.  I felt so self conscious about it, I still do, but it’s getting easier.  I think mostly it was other women who I was concerned I’d see unkind looks from but so far I haven’t seen anything.  Not one look or sidelong glance.  I’m glad, too!   I know what I would have to say if I ever did have a disapproving look directed at me and that would be a faux sad sigh and “Doctor’s orders.”  Which isn’t entirely true, but neither is it untrue.  I’ve had some scary incidences which resulted in a biopsy, and more recently having to “stay after” a mammogram and have an ultrasound done.  I asked the doc if there was anything I could do to keep my breasts healthy, specifically regarding bras because they seem to bother me, and she said that if I’m comfortable, I could consider not wearing one.  Among other things, of course.  But, you know.  I’m cleared for public flopping.  Just one more piece for my eccentricity puzzle.

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