So, this is titled Michigan, at least until I think of something else more appropriate or fun.  Not that Michigan hasn’t been fun because it has been.  We especially enjoyed being in the Upper Peninsula or Yooper.  How could you not have a fun time in a place called Yooper?  Of course, the majority of our time was spent at Mom’s in Midland, eating home cooked meals and getting hugs and not too much advice.  Who could ask for more?

Interesting tree formation by my Mom’s mailbox

We met some of Mom’s friends and picked up a few things at a rummage sale, went to an Amish hardware store..what a place!…had ice cream, walked it off, ate, put it on again, told stories, made arrangements to haul some furniture out with us to Colorado, picked through bins of books, and generally had a good time.  Oh, and we helped clean Mom’s ceiling tiles…still a good time.

Little trailer in the big woods.

We left to go down into Ohio this morning since Robert had put out a heads up on one of his neon sign groups that he’s a member of on facebook, that we would be traveling around.  The American Sign Museum in Cincinnati had let him know that he should come in and have a look around and maybe have a go in the neon shop they have on site for demonstrations for visitors.  We had found out that the museum is actually closed Monday and Tuesday but he called and they’ll be opening up just for us tomorrow, which is Monday, so here we are in Cincinnati.  I checked the app and found another nice little campground on the banks of Winton Lake just outside of the city.  Hopefully there won’t be hordes of commuters, but you know there probably will be.  I mean, it’ll be Monday morning after all.  On a similar note, driving with the trailer down the interstate with a stiff wind blowing was an exercise in determination and intense concentration.  The venturi effect from the tractor trailers passing us while the wind pushed against the trailer took a light-firm hand to keep things under control.  I drove for a couple of hours and then turned it over to Robert, as it was pretty exhausting, but offered to swap again if he needed to rest.  Even now as I sit typing at the table, the wind is rocking the trailer as the gusts hit.

While in Michigan, I reconnected with an old Army buddy, my friend Donald Shannon whom I hadn’t seen since 1990 while stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado.  It was so good to see him and meet his girlfriend, Lisa.  We met up at Bronner’s in Frankenmuth and did a little shopping for the grandkids and then had a delicious German dinner at the Bavarian Inn before saying goodbye.  There’s a sobering that comes with seeing someone you haven’t since you were young and crazy, that can smack you into a state of agedness.  I hope it won’t be the last time we meet.

Elizabeth and Don, aka SPC Han and SPC Shannon

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