So, my husband and I have some friends who live up in North Pole, outside of Fairbanks, Alaska.  This is a couple in their 90’s who have been married for over 70 years now, and since we, too would like to live together into our 90’s, are interested in adopting some of our friends’ lifestyles.  Mainly, to get the hell out of Anchorage and to put less stuff in our coffee.

Robert and I love to doctor our coffee with honey and cream.  Not creamer, which is some nasty chemical concoction which is found in either liquid or powdered form.  No.  We like cream, either full strength, half & half or, lately, whole milk.  It’s tasty and delicious and really good for you.  I have another friend who has taken to blending coconut oil into hers, but without the honey.  When visiting, we’ve tried it that way, but with the addition of her bees’ honey and a little raw cream, and it is amazing!  Sweet, creamy, silky.  Coffeelicious heaven in a cup.  But only one!  Our friends in North Pole have a rule where they doctor the first cup of the day and any coffee after that is black.  Black!  We tried it yesterday and it was very successful…at curtailing our intake of beverage.  Of course, that could be good for us too, right?  Maybe.

The other issue is for us to move out of the city of Anchorage and out to the country.  We have a small farm in our back yard with raised beds and chickens, a raspberry patch and compost.  We want to go a little bigger and try to feed ourselves a little more and support ourselves.  It’s the new dream, isn’t it?  So many people are opting out of the rat race and we’re no exception.  I already have with my occupation as a massage therapist but it’ll have to include my husband as well.  Two hoses pulling as a team get the wagon where it needs to go faster and more efficiently.  If you’re working against each other, you may as well just pull alone! And it’s good that our dreams align because I’d rather live with my husband in a cardboard box than in a mansion without him.

Anyway, that’s today’s plan on a healthier lifestyle.  The coffee is calling.


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