It has been my tradition to name my vehicles, and this history goes back to the first truck I ever bought which was a 1973 Chevy Blazer I named Stoopid.  He was lifted.  He was primer gray.  He was a beater but had power, he sounded great but you had to start him with a screwdriver.  Next was a maroon 1993 Ford Escort who I named Cula.  I really learned to love driving a stick with that one, she got me out of lots of ditches.  She got me into them too, but mostly out of.  Then there was Suby Sage, my Outback who got me all around Alabama and up to New Jersey to visit family and finally all the way across the United States and up the AlCan to Alaska.  That was the best car ever and when she started getting tired and her transmission was going, I got a brand new Subaru, Tesseract.  In the book, A Wrinkle in Time, the tesseract was described as being the shortest distance between two points….actually, no distance.  That’s how zippy this car is.

To be totally honest, they usually name themselves and so I’ve been waiting for the right incidence or characteristic to make itself known in regards to the truck and trailer we now live in.  The trailer is a pretty damn long one and it is heavy, especially with an extra large atv in the back that we’re transporting for someone.  So you know the truck that has to pull it is a beast.  And it’s blue.  So I named him Babe the blue ox…of course.  The trailer took just a little while longer to name, but finally a couple of days into our trip it came to me.  The Electric Igloo.  Because, it’s snug, warm and from Alaska.  And white.  With the Christmas lights.  Hells yeah.

Right after I named them and said it out loud, we hit an extreme patch of frost heaves and rotten dips, causing a bolt to rip out of the wood attaching the body of the trailer to the frame.  This caused the body to lift up and spew wood chips at every successive dip and lift in the road, which also caused Robert to determine our trip was over the more debris fell onto the road.  Thankfully, we did some mindful breathing exercises (Breathe in slowly, then on the exhale say fuuuuuuuck iiiiit. It’s very Zen.) and stopped to assess the damage, which wasn’t a show stopper thank goddess, then continued on.

Muncho Lake, British Columbia
Muncho Lake, British Columbia

I think that we have gotten past the worst of the frost heaves and can now relax a little, except for the many hills we still need to navigate, but even they will give way to more moderate terrain in the next day or two.  Today we spent some time at Liard Hot Springs and if you ever have the chance, I recommend it.  Although, we were so relaxed afterwards, it was all we could do to get to Muncho Lake and get a spot to park at the lodge here.  It’s been a few days since we’d taken showers and even though we enjoyed the steaming waters of the hot springs, it’s even nicer not smelling like sulfur after taking a shower.  5 minutes for only a dollar (Canadian Loonie)!  And they have wifi and ice cream, all served by people with lovely French accents.  I might even dream about today, it was that good.

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