This trailer has walls.  They aren’t particularly bad looking, but since they’re covered by the same pattern of colors throughout the living space it trends to boring and monotonous.  So, when we replaced the walls affected by the leak I decided that a new coat of paint would go well with the wood paneling.  Not that the current wallpaper doesn’t go with everything, because it DOES.  That’s why it was selected to be on the wall in the first place, it’s just dated, dull and doesn’t do anything for me.

Light gray and white background with tan spatter and blue crackle.
Light gray and white background with tan spatter and blue crackle. Meh.

At first, I was thinking a deep, dark red would be appropriate for our bedroom.  Passionate red.  For our little love-nest.  But then I read that red makes you hungry for food, not love, so I thought about soothing colors.  Pink is actually a very soothing color, plus you look really good in pink surroundings, which harks back to the pink bathroom of the 50’s.  See:

I thought back to other bedroom walls I’ve had, and there was the ChickenShack in Alabama that had dark slate blue walls, reminiscent of the underside of a storm cloud, which I loved.  Then, in our Anchorage house, there were a light aqua along with a couple shades of gray from when Veronica had been going through an interior decorating phase where she only wanted gray.  I wanted to save money, so I started thinking about the leftover cans of paint stashed around the house and how I could reuse them somehow.  On a trip over to the hardware store to mail some Ebay stuff with Robert, I asked a worker if it would be possible to add a few drops of blue to the aqua paint we had purchased there a few years earlier, to make it more teal.  He called around the store to find out but all he got was that the paint was probably expired and to buy a new can.  Hmmm.

Later, we were grocery shopping at Freddy’s and went by the paint department to see what they had in the mis-tint section.  Mis-tints are paint that has been ordered by a customer but when they see the color of the proof that has been dabbed on the lid and dried, they don’t like it.  Then you get the opportunity to like it instead of them, and usually at an awesome discount.  So, I see this pint of paint on the shelf and it’s an amazing purple color, my favorite.  I look at it and it makes my eyes light up, it’s so good.  And I think about that gray paint at the house and I say to myself, “Lavender gray is so freaking soothing!”  Back to the house I go, with purple paint…very cheap purple paint, actually.

Painting over the existing wallpaper.
Old walls, new color.

I have some wooden stirrers and carefully pour the purple paint into what’s left of a gallon of moderately gray paint until it’s as purple-y gray as I want, and then stir in light gray to achieve the lavender I’m looking for.  I amaze myself sometimes.  The paint goes on over the vinyl wallpaper satisfactorily and I have a pretty fun time painting and listening to music over the radio.  Oh yeah, our trailer has a system with multiple speakers in every room.  As it’s late evening when I finish, the walls appear much more gray than anything else, it looks nice but I’m a little put off by how dark it is.  However, the next morning it lightens in the daylight to a gorgeous lavender gray with hints of blue.  It’s lovely.  It’s soothing.  It’s purple!  It gets Robert’s approval (of course) and we now have a fabulous bedroom to stay in on our trip.

Our otter painting by friend, Danika Hopper
Our otter painting by friend, Danika Hopper

As we’ve spent more time living in the trailer, we’ve noticed that the color changes with the light, ranging from dark gray at night to light purple blue in the daylight.  These pics don’t do it justice!

50 shades of lavender gray.
50 shades of lavender gray.

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