The sunflowers are at half-mast, having been cut down by an early hard freeze and constant rain and overcast skies for weeks since, seed heads a soggy, mushy mess instead of becoming winter treats for chickens.  The garden itself has become a treat for the chickens.  I let them in every spring to help till up the dirt and fertilize, and every autumn to clean up stalks, leaves and whatever is left over from harvest.  This year, that’s been a lot of stuff due to the frost.

Today’s blue skies are the first I’ve seen in a long while, so it’s time to take down my tent greenhouse and pack it away for the winter.  To wash black plastic pots of their dirt and let them dry in the sunshine, then be stacked and put away in the shed until next year.  To pluck what’s left of the small, sweet carrots out of their raised bed and make a nice roast in the crock pot tomorrow.

That’s enough chores for me today.  My husband has the job of trying to coax soppy nuggets of dog shit onto a shovel with the stake of some political hopeful’s yard sign from last year.  Those stakes are pretty useful around here, unlike whose names are on the signs they came on.

Later, when all is done, I’ll make Irish coffee and cocoa and we’ll sit in what’s left of the garden and watch the chickens.

I’m hoping for a spectacular sunset.



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