I just want to share a cautionary tale about something that happened with regards to my last grow.
I like to flush my plants with spring water for the last several weeks of the bloom period but this last time, it coincided with the McHugh Creek fire and since the firefighters were dousing the entire area with fire retardant and seawater, I was hesitant to fight the traffic to fill my jugs at the nearby spring. (I still am, and probably won’t be drinking from there for some time.)
So, I had the great idea to start harvesting rainwater, as it’s perfect and wonderful…right? Well, it’s also a point of entry into your grow environment for a disease called botrytis or bud rot. It’s a fungus, and it took hold in my little grow tent, which was also the perfect, cool temperature for the rot to grow as we had the air conditioner going in the same room. When I discovered the issue, I quickly cut out the affected growth and then some. And then some more, just to be sure! It was heartbreaking and there was no way to safely salvage it, so into plastic bags it all went. (Do not compost.)
A sad shock, to see bud rot affecting your beautiful plants!
A sad shock, to see bud rot affecting your beautiful plants!
Then I lysoled the entire tent and all the equipment, light fixtures, etc. and let it dry and also added another fan to help with humidity and air circulation. After harvest and drying the remaining plants, which had recovered nicely, everything got the lysol bath again before breaking down the setup. So don’t do what I did, as you’ll find yourself with severe losses and lots of time spent on google trying to research what the hell happened to your plants! Help yourself to avoid this disease and google botrytis in cannabis and you’ll learn something valuable, whether you’re growing cannabis in a tent, peonies in a field or tomatoes in your greenhouse.

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