God’s Favorite Flower

Mother Father God leaned heavily against the Gates of Eden, watching the retreating forms She had created as they made their way further away from their garden home and out to the dusty plains where they would have to scratch out a new life.  First Woman and First Man had just been banished from lush paradise after having eaten of That Fruit.  It was a test, a really excellent test.  Would they defy Him?  How long would it take for them to grow up and leave the nest?
The Father in Her was truly disappointed in His children for not following His instructions and wanted to make an impression on them, so had His angels chase them out with flaming sword and thundering voice.  The Mother in Him felt utterly sorry for Her children and, though She was angry at them, wanted to make certain they would be able to take care of themselves in their new life.
And so, God made a Flower. IMG_1401

It was lush and green as the Garden of Eden itself and could grow in just about any soil, like a weed.  It could be cultivated or just seed itself wherever it happened to fall.  God’s Children would be able to feed, clothe and comfort themselves with it.  They could build, they could write, they could make art.  God’s Children grew up, civilizations rose and fell, dark ages and renaissances following one upon the next like flickering lights.
A short time before the last great leap of advancement, there was a dark age that masqueraded as an epoch of enlightenment.  God’s favorite flower had been banished, the laws of man would put Her Children in a cage for attempting to use Her holy gift.  It was outlawed.  It was stigmatized.
The water was polluted with chemicals from wood pulp mills and the medications of so many unhappy people.  The air was full of smog from burning fossil fuels.  The very Earth was suffering, and there was no recourse offered from the present direction of the time, which was the love of money.

But there were some of God’s Children that kept the old ways and knew that enjoying the Flower was not a sin.  They understood that the knowledge of good and evil was enhanced by it, and that it gave one a real sense of Gratitude and of being closer to the Universal Source of Love.  Just like a child.  And didn’t One of their own say that to enter the Kingdom, you were to be in this state of childlike openheartedness and grace?
More and more people started to understand that the Flower was meant to help them heal, that their very bodies were made to thrive with the chemicals produced by the Flower and that the entire planet could be pulled from the brink of destruction by integrating its products into their daily lives.  What would there be to war over if there was food and fuel aplenty growing out of the ground?  If less pollutants needed to be used if so much could be produced from this plant?  Hempcrete, oil, fiber, fuel, clothing, paper, medicine, a sense of wellbeing that doesn’t come from a laboratory.

Mother Father God watches and waits to see what His children will do with the knowledge they have been given.  This amazing, bountiful resource, this divine gift.  God’s Favorite Flower.

I have to concentrate just to fill up lungs again on the exhale.  My red giant heart has imploded into black hole density.  I know what it’s all for.  I see and know the growth I’m about to be propelled into.  I feel myself understanding.
Is there life after black hole-ism?  I’ll find out.  All I have to do is to force myself to keep breathing tonight, for tomorrow.

I feel old.  Fucking old and fucking tired.